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GRP Conquers Steel for Service Riser Flooring Installation


Steel grating has traditionally been used for the construction of service riser flooring, however the emerging installation benefits of using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) service riser grating is beginning to surpass the out-dated steel material.

Relinea’s GRP Re-Riser System is an inclusive service riser flooring and support system manufactured entirely in GRP.  The Re-Riser System delivers substantial installation benefits over traditionally used steel for service risers and voids.

How does Relinea's GRP Re-Riser System Outperform Steel for Service Riser Applications?

1. Lower Installation Costs

Relinea’s GRP Re-Riser System can be up to 80% lighter than steel.  This means that the material can be easily transported throughout the site and manually handled into position, eliminating the requirement of heavy lifting equipment and significantly reducing installation costs.

2. Flexible Installation

The Re-Riser System can be easily fabricated onsite without the requirement of hot works. Alterations to the flooring layout can be simply integrated whilst carrying out the installation.

3. Faster Installation

Owing to its lightweight nature and ease of fabrication, the Re-Riser System can be installed considerably faster than traditional steel systems, further reducing labour time and costs.

4. Safer Installation

Relinea’s GRP Re-Riser System is non-conductive and does not require earthing, meaning that the risk of electrical hazards onsite are eliminated.  The Re-Riser flooring further incorporates a high grade slip resistant finish for added safety of personnel.

Please read our new case study on the University of Ulster Belfast Campus Service Risers project with McLaughlin & Harvey Construction to learn more about the benefits of using GRP for service riser installations.

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