Disabled GRP Roof Access Ramp

At a Glance

During the refurbishment of a mixed-use development on Fulham Palace Road in London, Volkerfitzpatrick approached Relinea to develop a solution for a roof top walkway that could be used for both service personnel and a means of emergency escape for users of the public roof top garden.
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Challenges we had to overcome during the design phase; firstly, the walkway had to be designed to meet a design loading of 7.5 kN/m2, 50% higher than the normal loading used on pedestrian walkways, whilst keeping the weight within very stringent paraments due to the potential risk to the roof structure.

The design had to accommodate 3 different roof surfaces which included a standing seam roof, steel box section which supported the louvers and an insulated flat roof all of which all required a unique design.

The whole structure had to accommodate disabled access including ramping to ensure wheelchair accessible thresholds whilst clearing roof plant support systems and equipment with limited clearances.

Finally, access to the roof and around the roof area was restrictive therefore our design had to ensure that the structure was designed to enable each section to be manhandled around the area but fabricated in a way to enable installation to be carried out quickly.


Relinea’s design team overcame a number of challenges to develop a system that ensured all the client requirements were met. The main challenge of designing to a high loading whilst ensuring the weight of the platform did not exceed the low weight requirements was resolved by the use of a GRP structure and lightweight Re-Deck GRP solid to panels.

The design had to accommodate the 3 different roof finishes but could not be fixed to the roof structure. By using specialist fixings for standing seams and pedestal arrangements we created a sophisticated modular design that was able to accommodate the challenges presented by each area whilst ensuring access over equipment and ramping to meet disabled access requirements were achieved.

Due to the inaccessibility of lifting equipment on the roof Relinea’s light weight solution was ideal, but the platform had to be designed to allow for each section to be easily manoeuvred around the roof area. The enabled our installation team to complete the installation quickly and safely.

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