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Case Study: Cladding - Brick Effect Wall Cladding – New Radar NI Centre

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Radar NI Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland


GRP brick effect wall cladding to the exterior of the pop-up shops & high visibility anti-slip floor covers to the train station platform area of the indoor village.


190m2 of 4mm thick GRP Brick Effect Wall Cladding

Re-Grip ULTRA Anti-Slip High Visibility Stair Tread Covers

Re-Grip ULTRA Anti-Slip Pedestrian Tactile Paving

30msq of Re-Grip ULTRA Anti-Slip Plate 


Radar NI is Northern Ireland’s first interactive safety and life skills education centre which is due to open in spring 2015.  The new life skills centre will provide interactive safety focussed experiences for kids and young people via a full sized state-of-the art indoor village – see .

The principal contractor of the project, Harte and Eakin Contractors Ltd, sub-contracted Relinea to supply glass reinforced plastic (GRP) brick effect wall cladding for the exterior of pop-up shops within the centre’s indoor village.


To achieve a more genuine appearance of the pop-up shops, the client required an aged effect finish of the specified GRP brick wall cladding. It was further essential that the joints of each brick cladding panel accurately aligned adjacent to each other to ensure that the outlay of the bricks appeared continuous and realistic.


Relinea’s bespoke GRP brick cladding panels possess a unique finish that presents a genuine appearance of aged bricks, ideal for the new RADAR NI indoor village scene.

Relinea’s cladding panels can be manufactured to a maximum length of 4m which can reduce the number of panel joints when fitting.  The height of the pop-up shop walls within the RADAR NI indoor village was 3.5m high.  Owing to Relinea’s long length cladding panels, each panel could be manufactured in one large section, reducing the number of joints and thus successfully presenting the appearance of a continuous brick wall effect.  This was successfully accomplished via Relinea’s highly skilled workmanship.

Relinea additionally supplied various GRP anti-slip products to the interactive train station area of the indoor village.  High visibility anti-slip stair tread covers and pedestrian crossing tactile pavings were supplied to provide a more realistic setting of the train station area.

The project was successfully completed within the time frame allocated. The client was exceptionally pleased with Relinea’s highly skilled workmanship and the realistic aesthetic appearance of the GRP brick effect cladding.