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Case Study: GRP Driver Platforms - Poplar Depot

  • GRP Drivers Platforms in London, England
  • GRP Drivers Platforms in London, England
  • GRP Drivers Platforms in London, England
  • GRP Drivers Platforms in London, England
  • GRP Drivers Platforms in London, England
  • GRP Drivers Platforms in London, England


Poplar Train Depot, London, England


Access Platforms for Train Maintenance


GRP Access Platforms

GRP Bespoke Handrail System


Poplar Depot is a maintenance yard for Docklands Light Railway (DLR) in London where there are train stabling facilities. Relinea were contracted to supply GRP drivers’ platforms to replace old timber platforms to the main contractor.


Relinea were appointed to supply 18 no platforms up to 18 m long to Docklands Light Railway (DLR). The site had existing timber platforms that needed to be upgraded. The environment was particularly corrosive due to exposure to fuel oil and the elements and DLR recognised that GRP could offer a number of advantages including a very long design life – up to 50 years and an integral anti-slip surface that would provide users with a safe walking surface for years to come without expensive regular repainting.

Relinea were provided with a provisional design that had to allow for a very high point loading. During our design assessment we recognised that making slight changes to the design would improve the structural capabilities of the platforms whilst making installation easier and ensuring cost savings were maintained. These options were put forward to DLR and were accepted.

The timeframe that we had to work to was very short and deadlines had to be met in order to ensure the installation progressed on schedule.



Using Relinea’s Re-Struct profiles we created a robust and durable support frame. The platforms were supplied in sections but due to the lightweight nature of GRP and its high strength to weight ratio we were able to supply these in large section sizes whilst maintaining a lightweight structure. This ensured that the platforms could be easily installed but could be easily manoeuvred around the site.

Relinea’s Re-Grid GRP Open mesh grating provided a robust, durable , non-corrosive walking surface which has proven over time that it can withstand the rigours of the rail industry. Our unique embedded grit surface provides a slip resistant finish, thus providing a safe working environment for both drivers and the maintenance teams that will never chip or peel way.

Our bespoke GRP Handrail System provided a robust, maintenance free, non-conductive fall protection barrier therefore providing additional safety. The warm to touch properties of the handrail provide additional benefits to the employees as it will protect them in icy conditions.

Relinea provided consultative support to the Contractor throughout the project including installation to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget.