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Case Study: Handrails - NIE Power Station

  • GRP Handrail System
  • GRP Handrail System
  • GRP Handrail System
  • GRP Handrail System
  • GRP Handrail System
  • GRP Handrail System


NIE Power Station, Belfast, Northern Ireland


To offer a solution for access above electrical transformers by providing a non-conductive handrail system.


RE-GRAB GRP Handrail


To provide an edge protection system above a range of electrical transformers that could further be easily installed. The system required non-conductive properties, considering that in some instances it was intended that the handrail was to be left in position.


Northern Ireland Electricity’s (NIE) employees require regular access above transformers. Without an edge protection, the operator must be hooked in at all times or alternatively they must set up a temporary edge handrail. This would add days onto the project and in some cases would not be practical seeing that the handrail used was generally steel and could quite often be positioned below power lines.

Furthermore, above the transformer there are a number of pipes and equipment obstructing the access of the rail which could likely lead to complications during installation.


NIE understood the benefits of using GRP handrail, due to its inherent and non-conductive nature.

Given that GRP could be easily fabricated on site, this meant that alterations to fit around existing equipment could be easily made. Installations could be carried out much more quickly with GRP than using steel, and the client found that on many occasions it was more practical to leave the handrail installed rather than remove it after the work had been completed.