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Case Study: Mouldings - Perth Train Depot Train Wash

  • GRP Trackpan System
  • GRP Trackpan System
  • GRP Trackpan System
  • GRP Trackpan System
  • GRP Trackpan System
  • GRP Trackpan System


Perth Train Station


Supply of 40metres of GRP trackpans for the train wash at Perth Train Depot.


Bespoke moulded GRP trackpans and RE-GRID open mesh grating.


Working with our client Unipart Rail, we supported them in the development of a new trackpan system which was designed to prevent ground contamination from train re-fueling and train washing.


Traditionally in re-fueling and train wash areas in depots, there is very basic allowances for collection of spilled liquids which can result in ground contamination. Unipart Rail were looking to develop a system that was well engineered but could be easily installed to deal with this issue.


The client originally approached us with an initial concept which was extremely difficult to manufacture. Following consultation, we assisted in the redevelopment of the system which resulted in moulded costs being decreased by 40%, and manufacturing costs of the unit decreasing by 30%.

These price reductions have meant that the system is price comparable to other products on the market, the difference being that this is a fully engineered system.

Furthermore, the alterations Relinea made in the design allowed for a significantly uncomplicated installation.