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Case Study: Pultruded Re-Deck - Dodder Valley Bridge

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Industry Sector




Dublin City Council


Dodder Valley, South Dublin


Pedestrian Bridge over the River Dodder


GRP Pultruded RE-DECK Covered Grating


Dodder Valley Park is a suburban linear park in Dublin, consisting of over 100 hectares of fragmented parkland and remnant countryside. In addition to its natural conservation value, the park offers a rich heritage, outstanding scenery and a sanctuary for peaceful recreation.


Dublin City Council required a low maintenance bridge over the River Dodder to connect the existing communities of Tallaght and Firhouse. The bridge is to be part of a wider network of new high quality cycleways throughout Dublin.

The bridge will also help to provide economic opportunities by enabling local families to enjoy a day out in a safe cycling environment and easy access to Dublin City centre.

Dublin City Council required a product that was durable due to the outdoor nature of the application and the high level of footfall and cyclists.The Council required a product with anti-slip protection due to it being accessible to the public to prevent slips, trips and falls.

The Council had suffered significant issues with slips on an earlier project where punched steel had been installed. Relinea were contracted to replace significant parts of the Adamstown Pedestrian Bridge and they were keen to avoid a repeat.


Relinea provided GRP pultruded Re-Deck covered grating which provided a durable solution for the pedestrian bridge. The Pultruded Re-Deck covered grating is comprised of pultruded GRP grating with an embedded grit finish top which provides a slip resistant finish.The slip resistant finish helps to prevent slips, trips and falls from the public and this improves public safety.

In addition to this the pultruded RE-DECK can span further than standard moulded gratings and can incorporate fixings which are not seen by the public.

The non-corrosive qualities of GRP mean that it will not chip or wear over time and presents a 50 year design life. This eliminates the need for maintenance which presents long-term cost savings and due to the public interest in the spending of the Council; it is a more sustainable long term solution.

Our GRP products will not corrode and do not need to be replaced like traditional materials such as steel or concrete.