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Case Study: RE-DECK - Bushmills Waste Water Treatment Works

  • Odour Control Covers
  • Odour Control Covers
  • Odour Control Covers
  • Odour Control Covers
  • Odour Control Covers
  • Odour Control Covers


Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


New Municipal Sewage Treatment Works. Supply and installation of GRP covered grating, GRP moulded units and supports over archimedial screw conveyors at the inlet works.


RE-DECK504 GRP Covered Grating
GRP Encapsulated Plywood


The end client was NI Water. We were appointed by the main contractor Ovivo to provide covers on top of screw conveyors to reduce the odours emanating from the water treatment works.


Relinea were proposed with the challenge of supplying light weight units over the screw conveyors which could be easily lifted out for maintenance purposes. The covers had to incorporate multi-access points and anti-slip characteristics to meet health and safety requirements.


The use of GRP covered grating would be too heavy for lifting in this case, therefore we had to design a system that was sufficiently light weight to be removed with ease.

The aesthetics of the site were very important. NI Water required the covers to be a neutral grey to blend in with the natural stone of the walls in the water treatment works. Relinea were able to meet these requirements, working towards the visually pleasing aesthetics of the site.

Further to this, once the new Municipal Sewage Treatment Works was complete, the site won an award for its visual design.