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Case Study: Stair Nosings - Translink Platform

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  • GRP Platform Edging
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  • GRP Platform Edging


All Translink Platforms across Northern Ireland


To provide GRP Anti-Slip High Visibility Nosing, that would provide a durable edge warning system along the edge of train station and depot platforms.


Re-Grip ULTRA GRP 100x50mm nosing with anti-slip surface in white.


Translink are the transport operator for Northern Ireland, and due to regulations they had to provide a white warning strip along the edge of their platforms which had traditionally been completed using white paint.


Due to chipping and deterioration, Translink had to repaint the white warning strips on the platform edges every 2 years. This caused considerable disruption and further incurred substantial costs. .


After carrying out a cost comparison in relation to the use of GRP nosings as an alternative, Translink calculated that they would receive a pay back within 2 to 3 years.

Due to the non-corrosive properties of our GRP anti-slip nosings, Translink appointed Relinea as the chosen supplier of 15Km of warning strip GRP nosings in white.

The nosings were easily installed using suitable adhesive and hammer fixings which meant very little ground preparation was required.

Finally, Translink has found that the GRP nosing actually protects the platform edge from the corrosive action of frost and salt, and has moreover prevented further breakdown of the concrete at this point.