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Case Study: Structural Profiles - Lake Carter Boardwalk

  • GRP Support Frame
  • GRP Support Frame
  • GRP Support Frame
  • GRP Support Frame
  • GRP Support Frame
  • GRP Support Frame


Lancaster University, Lancaster, England


To supply a GRP frame for a 44m long boardwalk to support timber decking and timber handrail.




A support frame was required for a bridge walkway over Lake Carter on the grounds of Lancaster University to compliment the newly built sports centre and to allow ease of access for students and the public. The main contactors Askam Construction worked in conjunction with Lancaster University designers WYG, and their structural engineers GSA to come up with an appropriate solution.


The client required a design for the support frame of a boardwalk that could be easily installed and encompass a design life of 50 years given that it would be submerged in water for long periods of time.


The client chose GRP was over timber as it is resistant to degradation to water/elements, encompasses a longer lifespan, and is a great deal more economical than Galvanised Steel. It was further used because of its lightweight properties which meant light plant and machines could be utilised. This was further beneficial as the project had to be carried out on a very busy main road to the university campus.

Relinea had to provide full design calculations for the proposed boardwalk and further provide assistance on the design of the pile connections to ensure that installation could be completed as simply as possible.

The frames where constructed from our GRP RE-STRUCT profiles, and supplied in 11 no. 4m bays. The frames were delivered to site fully assembled, meaning that they could be simply offloaded from the trailer and easily installed.

The installation ran smoothly and Askam were satisfied with the design and fabrication of the product with the aim of ensuring a quick and easy installation.