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Electricity & Power Generation

The electromagnet transparent, non-conductive, lightweight and high strength properties of Relinea’s GRP products are ideal for the Electricity & Power Generation Industry, and insure worker safety.

Traditionally concrete has been used for Electricity Trench Covers, however experience has shown that concrete cracks easily under impact. Due to Re-Deck’s excellent impact resistance properties, this problem is eliminated. In addition, concrete trench covers are exceptionally heavy and usually require a 2 man lift or expensive lifting gear, which is time consuming to use. The light weight properties of Relinea’s Re-Deck Panels allow the panels to be raised with ease. The panel sizes can be designed to meet 1 man lifting requirements and the addition of hand holes can improve the ergonomics of the lifting process.

Applications include:

  • Trench covers
  • Substation room flooring
  • Platforms
  • Front end walkways for water intake screen
  • Ladders
  • Up and over arrangements
  • Transformer bunds

Case Studies