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Food and Beverage

The Anti-slip and corrosion free attributes of Relinea’s composite products are ideal for the slippery and harsh cleaning environment of the Food and Beverage Industry. Relinea’s broad range of products including Grating, Floor Plate, Composite Cladding, and Workstands, provide a maintenance free, corrosion resistant alternative to expensive stainless steel, whilst offering worker comfort and safety due to its ergonomic nature.

Our Isophthalic Resin System is ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry where detergents are used on a regular basis and also in areas storing mid concentrations of acids and alkalis. The Isophthalic Resin System possesses excellent corrosion resistance in highly acidic conditions and mild alkalis, and holds a maximum operating temperature up to 90°C.

Applications include

  • Hygienic cladding
  • Walkways
  • Workstands
  • Catwalks around conveyors
  • Platforms

Case Study

GRP Access Platforms - Holland