Re-Deck Fixings

Relinea offers a range of fixings to fasten GRP Grating Panels together and to support structures. All fixings are manufactured in 316 stainless steel as standard.

Download the Re-Deck Fixings brochure here: Re-Deck Fixings

Elevated Flooring Using Pedestals

Relinea supply a range of adjustable pedestals that can provide elevation to flooring from 38 to 600 mm.

Download the Re-Deck Pedestal brochure here: Pedestal

Grating Ramps

Available to match all Grating Types, Relinea can offer a range of GRP Grating Ramps which fix to our standard products using C clips. This system provides a safe means of access to our GRP grating system, preventing trips, and permitting trolleys and other wheeled equipment to be easily manoeuvred.