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GRP Open Mesh Grating

  • GRP Open Mesh Grating
  • GRP Open Mesh Grating
  • GRP Open Mesh Grating
  • GRP Open Mesh Grating
  • GRP Open Mesh Grating
  • GRP Open Mesh Grating


Re-Grid GRP Grating is designed to provide safe, robust GRP Open Mesh Flooring Access for pedestrians on industrial walkways, catwalks, and over channels. With a number of GRP Grating Mesh sizes, we can accommodate applications from industrial water treatment works, to pedestrian areas that require public access.

The square mesh structure of the Re-Grid GRP grating provides bi-directional strength, surpassing the uni-directional characteristics of steel metal gratings.

Relinea's Re-Grid Fibreglass Grating is manufactured using an Embedded Grit finish, meaning that the Anti-Slip Grit is embedded onto the top surface of the grating during the manufacturing process, forming an integral bond between the grit and the surface of the grating. This ensures that the anti-slip grit does not chip or peel away from the grating and further does not compromise the slip resistance or resilience of the Re-Grid.

The Re-Grid Open Mesh GRP Grating can be easily installed.  Due to the bi-directional strength of Re-Grid, end banding and additional support around pipe opes can be eliminated.  Furthermore, fabrication can be carried out on site without affecting the corrosive resistance properties of our fibreglass grating.

Re-Grid GRP Grating is 1/3rd the weight of equivalent steel grating.

Relinea’s GRP Fibreglass Grating products are available in a range of resins, (including phenolic resin with extreme fire resistance) to meet specific environmental demands, including hazardous chemical applications. In addition there are a range of surface finishes including meniscus, grit and smooth to meet even the most stringent requirements in terms of slip resistance and ease of cleaning.

We Fabricate, Supply, Deliver and Install our Advanced Mesh Fibreglass Floor Grating and GRP Walkways Across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and mainland Europe (including the Netherlands, France and Belgium).

Key Benefits

  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Ease of Installation

Mini Mesh Grating 

Mini-Mesh Open Mesh Grating

We further offer a series of Mini Mesh Grating & Micro Mesh Re-Grid products.

Mini Mesh Grating includes two mesh sizes: 25mm & 19mm.  

The Mini Mesh have been designed to prevent small objects falling through the grating. 

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