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Vehicular Re-Deck - Heavy Duty Covered Grating

  • Heavy Duty Covered Grating
  • Heavy Duty Covered Grating
  • Heavy Duty Covered Grating
  • Heavy Duty Covered Grating
  • Heavy Duty Covered Grating
  • Heavy Duty Covered Grating

Vehicular Re-Deck

Our Vehicular Re-Deck Trench Cover has been designed for Heavy Vehicular Applications and is specifically engineered to meet BS EN 124 classification. Its Pultruded Interlocking feature ensures that the heavy duty trench cover can be easily removed for maintenance access. The length of the Vehicular Re-Deck Panel is determined by the width of the trench in order to facilitate a safe working load area.

Our Vehicular Re-Deck trench cover is made to client specification, and is available in a range of bespoke colours and surface finishes, including an optional integrated safe working load stamp.

The Vehicular Re-Deck provides the optimum solution for:

  • Grating Walkways where it is essential to prevent items falling through to lower levels
  • Odour control
  • GRP Duct Covers and GRP Trench Covers / Fibreglass Trench Covers
  • Tank Covers

Another gain from using our fibreglass covered grating is its excellent impact resistance features. Concrete when under impact can crack. Vehicular Re-Deck can therefore eliminate this problem, hence avoiding on-going restoration.

Relinea's Vechicular Re-Deck Fibreglass covered grating is manufactured using an Embedded Grit finish, meaning, the Anti-Slip Grit is embedded onto the top surface of the grating during the manufacturing process, forming an Integral Bond between the Grit and the surface of the grating. This ensures that the Anti-slip Grit does not chip off the grating and further does not compromise the slip resistance or durability of the Vehicular Re-Deck.

We Fabricate, Supply, Deliver and Install our Fibreglass Covered Floor Grating and GRP Trench Covers and GRP Duct Covers across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  

Key Benefits

  • Light Weight
  • Impact Resistant
  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistant


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