Belle Greve Water Treatment Works

At a Glance

Relinea were awarded the contract to supply and install an extensive range of GRP structural products onto a brand new water treatment works in Guernsey. The products included: GRP covered grating and support beams in around the inlet works, GRP open mesh grating and pedestals, a 10 m long x 5 m high GRP platform to filter gallery. Supply and installation of steel beams and GRP covered grating on to the storm tank area.
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St Peter's Port


The logistics was the main challenge with this project. Transferring men to site was difficult due to no direct flights to Guernsey. Furthermore, working inside the building was very complicated as the entire area was surrounded in scaffolding, and our installation team had to work within tight confined spaces.


Due to the location of the site, we had to ensure that all aspects of the project were well organised. We had to arrange for the goods to be delivered to site one week in advance of our installation team arriving. The installation had to be completed within two phases, with the storm tank cover installed towards the closing stages. There were changes to this storm tank cover based on our recommendations. We recognised that the original layout of the storm tank cover which was originally to be positioned halfway down into the tank would have potentially created issues with the possibility of the water level below raising up too high and displacing the cover. We put forward our recommendations to resolve this and it was accepted by the client.

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