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GRP Safety Access Ladders

One area where the enhanced performance of the Re-Grab GRP Safety Access Ladders can be measured quickly, and easily is by a simple touch. Our GRP ladders are warm to touch. This is an important factor to consider for ladders that are being used in outdoor contexts. As they are not subject to cold, or extreme heat, they are much safer to climb. 

GRP has taken the construction and industrial sectors by storm, thanks to its remarkable qualities. Relinea GRP access ladders have exceptional corrosion resistance, an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, and an impressive ability to withstand harsh environments.

Traditional access ladders can fall prey to the corrosive nature of industrial settings or challenging weather conditions. Enter GRP access ladders. With a 50+ year design life, they are engineered to thrive where traditional materials struggle. The non-conductive properties also make them suitable for settings with electrical considerations, adding another layer of versatility.

Relinea GRP Ladders outperform their conventional steel, aluminium and wooden counterparts across all key criteria:

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low installation costs
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Non-conductive

Long-lasting, durable, and easy to install our GRP access ladders are corrosion and chemical resistant and need little or no maintenance. This makes them suitable for practically all industrial and commercial environments, indoor and outdoor. From offshore installations to wastewater treatment plants, GRP access ladders prove their adaptability across diverse sectors. Their resistance to chemicals, moisture, and extreme temperatures makes them a reliable choice in environments that demand unwavering performance.

GRP Access Ladder Applications Include:

  • Manhole Access Ladders
  • Rooftop Access Ladders
  • Industrial Access Ladders: Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Food Processing Plants, Railways
  • Marine and Offshore Access Ladders

Relinea Re-Grab GRP Ladders are made specific to customer requirements and can be supplied with all necessary components, including a walkthrough and safety cage. All our GRP safety ladders are manufactured to BS EN ISO14122-3:2016 and BS5395-1-2010.

Relinea – Reliable, Resourceful

We innovate, design, and fabricate advanced technical GRP structural components to overcome weight, corrosion, and slip issues. With a revolutionary approach that uses intelligent GRP design and innovative composite manufacturing to challenge the conventions of construction, we work with our clients to find unique, long-lasting, sustainable solutions. From GRP design to installation, we are a specialist, one-stop resource.

Give us a call today on 028 9447 0010 or email us at with your project specification to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation and proposal.16

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Key Benefits of GRP Ladders

Corrosive free

Warm to touch

Low maintenance

Lightweight – 80% lighter than steel, 30% lighter than aluminium

Easily fabricated

High strength and dimensional stability

Manufactured to BS EN ISO14122-3:2001 and BS5395-1-2010

Non-conductive and thermally insulated

Why Choose Relinea GRP Access Ladders?

Our GRP innovation challenges construction conventions.

Warm to Touch

Reline ladders are not affected by extreme heat or cold, leaving them safe to climb in all conditions.

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

Resistant to environmental factors and corrosive substances, ensuring longevity.

Extended Life Cycle

A life span of 50 years with little or no maintenance means life cycle cost is  reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions:

GRP access ladders are ladders made from a composite material that combines plastic with fine glass fibers. They are designed for safe and reliable access to elevated areas in various environments.

GRP access ladders offer exceptional strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. They are also lightweight, non-conductive, and require minimal maintenance. Their versatility makes them suitable for diverse industries and settings.

GRP access ladders find applications in industries such as manufacturing, chemical, construction, utilities, and more. They provide safe access to roofs, platforms, tanks, and other elevated areas in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Yes, GRP access ladders are highly durable due to their construction using glass fibers and plastic resin. They are resistant to environmental factors, such as UV radiation and corrosive substances, ensuring longevity.

GRP access ladders are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including UV exposure, rain, and extreme temperatures. They do not degrade, warp, or corrode over time, ensuring consistent performance.

Absolutely. GRP access ladders are non-conductive, making them safe for use near electrical installations. They also feature anti-slip rungs and surfaces to enhance user safety, even in wet conditions.

GRP access ladders have minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike traditional materials, they do not require painting or specialised coatings to maintain their appearance and performance.

GRP Handrails

There is one area where the enhanced performance of the Re-Grab GRP Handrail and Ladder Systems can be measured quickly, easily and immediately…by a simple touch. The Re-Grab is warm to touch – an important factor to consider for Modular Handrails, Handrail Design Walkways and Ladders that are being used in outdoor contexts.

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