Westdown Road Train Station

At a Glance

Relinea were appointed to Design, Supply and Install a GRP Platform with a Support System on 2 new bridge sections that were to be replaced by Graham Constructions as part of the 72 hour possession at Catford Train Station. Also included in the works were Rear GRP Parapet Cladding panels with security fixings. The works were part of the £78m upgrade to Network Rail Infrastructure.
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Network Rail


As only part of the full platform was being replaced, Relinea had to ensure that our replacement section would be continuous with the existing area. Relinea had to Design the top surface platform to allow for changes when the existing area was upgraded to meet new legislative requirements such as tactile paving.

A major challenge was to develop an integral panel which included the white nosing at the front and incorporate a recess for the tactile paving that could be installed at a later date.

We also had to design a platform with an adjustable support system that would give flexibility on site. One of the main limitations was the overall height allowable for the support system which in some areas were as low as 20mm. Using our inhouse Design Team, we were able to offer a design that could accommodate the shallow height and have the flexibility to meet site requirements.

Finally, we had to develop a concealed fixing solutions to the main steel bridge that could be quickly installed during the limited possession time available.


Relinea developed a platform design that incorporated all the main objectives of the project:

  • Concealed fixing that could be quickly installed during a tight possession
  • Integral one-piece panel with White Nosing and incorporating temporary panel for future installation of Tactile Paving
  • Fully adjustable support system with ability to work to a maximum depth of 20mm
  • Parapet cladding panels, coper and skirt fixed with security fixings
  • Dry fit at Briton Fabrication prior to site installation

Relinea had been allocated 14 hours of the 72 hour possession to complete the works. This, however, was reduced to 8 hours but due to the well thought out design and installation plan we managed to complete the installation in the reduced window.

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