Industrial Safety Gates

Relinea’s range of High Quality Polyurethane Industrial Safety Gates provides a corrosive free, easily installed package which provides an excellent complement to our Re-Grab Handrail and Ladder range.

Manufactured from Durable and Corrosive Resistant Polyurethane, the Re-Grab Safety Gate will not corrode or degrade even in aggressive chemical environments. They are self-extinguishing to UL94 and are of a strong construction to EN14122-3 & 4. The products are coloured throughout in high visibility safety yellow.

The design of the Re-Grab Safety Gate relies solely on gravity. There are no springs, cams or bearings, nothing to wear out, replace, lubricate or paint.

These Industrial Safety Gates come pre-assembled and are easily installed. We supply our Industrial Safety Gates all over Ireland and the UK, including, England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland.

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Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
561 – 685
686 – 810
811- 940

GRP Universal Hinge

Whether the safety gate is to be left or right may have to change for many reasons. The universal hinge allows the gate to be changed to a left or right swing easily on site by inverting the hinge during assembly.


Installation of the Re-Grab Safety Gate is quick and easy. The Safety Gate can be mounted on a Square Tube Post, Channel or Angle Profile.

Bespoke GRP Safety Gates

Bespoke Self-Closing Safety Gates made from GRP are now available. Contact us for more information.

Key Benefits

Corrosion Resistant

Low Maintenance

Easily Installed

Universal left/right hinge

Fire Resistant (VO self-extinguishing plastic)

Highly Visibility (yellow -RAL1004)

Gravitational Closing

Strong rigid construction meeting EN14122-3 & 4

Enhanced safety

GRP Handrails

There is one area where the enhanced performance of the Re-Grab GRP Handrail and Ladder Systems can be measured quickly, easily and immediately…by a simple touch. The Re-Grab is warm to touch – an important factor to consider for Modular Handrails, Handrail Design Walkways and Ladders that are being used in outdoor contexts.

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