GRP Safety Gates

Relinea’s range of self-closing GRP safety gates is ideal for protecting openings, ladder access points, roof hatches, access to machinery, and other restricted areas where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required.

Manufactured from durable GRP, the Re-Grab safety gate will not corrode or degrade even in aggressive chemical environments. The products are coloured throughout in high visibility safety yellow.

Our GRP safety gates close automatically behind the user, creating a permanent and reliable solution by ensuring no void is left open at the point of access. Safety gates are considered the preferred solution to chains or bars in hazardous areas.

These industrial safety gates come pre-assembled and are easily installed. No welding is required eliminating the need for bulky welding equipment and hot works permits. Long-lasting, durable, and easy to install our GRP safety gates have a multitude of benefits over steel, making them suitable for practically all environments.

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low installation costs
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Non-conductive
  • Long lasting and robust

Relinea – Reliable, Resourceful

We innovate, design, and fabricate advanced technical GRP structural components to overcome weight, corrosion, and slip issues. With a revolutionary approach that uses intelligent GRP design and innovative composite manufacturing to challenge the conventions of construction, we work with our clients to find unique, long-lasting, sustainable solutions. From GRP design to installation, we are a specialist, one-stop resource.

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Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
561 – 685
686 – 810
811- 940

GRP Universal Hinge

Whether the safety gate is to be left or right may have to change for many reasons. The universal hinge allows the gate to be changed to a left or right swing easily on site by inverting the hinge during assembly.


Installation of the Re-Grab Safety Gate is quick and easy. The Safety Gate can be mounted on a Square Tube Post, Channel or Angle Profile.

Key Benefits of GRP Safety Gates

Corrosion Resistant

Low Maintenance

Easily Installed

Universal left/right hinge

Fire Resistant (VO self-extinguishing plastic)

Highly Visibility (yellow -RAL1004)

Gravitational Closing

Strong rigid construction meeting EN14122-3 & 4

Enhanced safety

GRP Handrails

There is one area where the enhanced performance of the Re-Grab GRP Handrail and Ladder Systems can be measured quickly, easily and immediately…by a simple touch. The Re-Grab is warm to touch – an important factor to consider for Modular Handrails, Handrail Design Walkways and Ladders that are being used in outdoor contexts.

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