Bellenden Road Underbridge

At a Glance

Relinea were contracted by Grahams Construction to Design, Manufacture and Install a GRP Maintenance Walkway between 2 replacement bridge decks at Bellenden Road Underbridge (Southwark). This is part of Network Rail’s overall £78m investment in key asset maintenance and upgrades to more than 600 infrastructure schemes throughout the country. The bridge carries National Rail, London Overground and Thameslink Commuter Services, as well as providing a busy thoroughfare for railway freight services.
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Grahams Construction


Relinea had to develop a GRP platform which incorporated GRP handrail and support system that was supported from the main steels between two new U-Decks that were to be installed by Grahams Construction during a 72 hour possession.

The main challenge was to develop a design that could be installed within the 14 hour window that we had been allocated. But which also could be flexible to cope with site conditions and having to work around a large number of trades.

Coordination with other trades was a key element to this project and considerable time was spent with Grahams on how to design the structure in order to limit the amount of time required for onsite services such as cranes.


Our approach to off-site build was invaluable on this project as we developed a modular design that could be loaded to the area of work in one crane lift. the frame incorporated flexibility to cope with site conditions and we carried out a dry fit prior to installation to ensure all parts easily came together. We developed a specialist clamping system for fixing to the main steels that again minimised the time required on site.

During the installation our experienced team were able to easily install the sections onto the main steel structure and make adjustments as required. the use of GRP throughout avoided the need for welding or other hot works. The result was a highly durable, maintenance free system.

Relinea’s experienced installation teams are fully trained to work across various industries throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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