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  • GRP Ladders , Platforms and Handrail

    Bespoke Fabricated Structures

    Our pre-engineered fabricated structures incorporate our GRP structural profiles which offer a versatile low maintenance solution for platforms, handrail, ladders and access hatches.

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  • GRP Design and Installation

    Full Design Service


    • 2D/3D CAD Drawings
    • Design Calculations
    • Certificates of Conformity
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
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  • GRP Raised Access Walkways

    Raised Access Walkways

    Manufactured using a GRP profile support system or a pedestal support system are flexible and can solve the most difficult of access issues.

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  • GRP Service Risers

    Riser Mesh - GRP Service Riser System

    An inclusive service riser flooring and support system manufactured entirely in GRP.

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Durable Fibreglass Solutions for Industry

Think Lower Life Cycle Costs, Zero Corrosion and Anti-Slip Surfaces...Think Relinea.

Relinea’s advanced composite technology provides industry solutions for safe pedestrian access. Our Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products deliver low maintenance, zero corrosion, and slip resistance solutions, all at lower costs – consistently outperforming conventional steel, aluminium, and timber products.

Relinea’s GRP grating systems (including GRP Mesh, Pultruded Grating, and Covered Grating) are effective solutions for anti-slip walkways and trench covers designed for power stations, waste water treatment plants, oil rigs and many more. Our GRP Re-Grip ULTRA Anti-Slip Stair TreadsStair Nosings, and Plate provide a health & safety solution to slippery surfaces in working environments and public areas. Relinea also provide GRP Access Ladders, GRP Safety Handrails, GRP Structural ProfilesGRP Access Platforms, Odour Control Tank Covers, and Composite Cladding .

We want you to realign your thinking about materials to build better, safer, and more sustainable pedestrian access equipment.

GRP Grating

GRP Grating

Our GRP grating meets health & safety standards and  is used in a range of applications such as walkways , service risers, trench covers and odour control covers.

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GRP Anti-Slip Plate

GRP Anti-Slip Products

Relinea's Anti-Slip GRP Products provide a durable, slip resistant surface. They are easily retrofitted on top of concrete , steel or timber.

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GRP Structural Profiles

Structural Profiles

Our Re-Struct pultruded structural profiles combine ultra light weight with extreme strength and corrosion resistance with stability and stiffness.

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GRP Access Hatches , Access Platforms , Handrail and Ladders

GRP Fabricated Structures

Relinea partner with our clients to create low maintenance and durable GRP fabricated structures including platforms, handrail, ladders & access hatches.

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Diffusion Drums, Launders and Weirs

Moulded GRP Products

Relinea provide highly durable & non-corrosive solutions for the water treatment industry such as Diffusion Drums, Launders, Weirs and Tank Covers.

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Composite Sandwich Panels

GRP Cladding Solutions

Using GRP solutions, Relinea is solving age-old issues of fit and finish for exterior cladding, decorative facades and interior finishes.

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Latest news from Relinea

GRP vs Concrete - Trench Covers

GRP Trench Covers

Trench Covers are designed for covering apertures, bores or trenches during construction projects allowing safe access around site excavations for pedestrian access whilst protecting ducting below.

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Corrosion - What is the real cost?

Corrosion - What is the real cost?

The Cost of Corrosion to UK Businesses currently stands at a staggering £46 billion per annum – this includes downtime, maintenance and replacement of material.

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