GRP Tank Covers

Relinea’s structurally robust and lightweight GRP Tank Covers are designed to provide effective odour control solutions for various applications in Wastewater Treatment Plants such as Sludge Tanks & Settlement Tanks. They are also ideal for protecting stored water or other liquids from contamination and evaporation.

Relinea’s GRP Tank Covers can be used for:

  • Odour control
  • Eliminating algae growth
  • Fall protection for personnel
  • Protection from ingress of water or other debris

GRP tank covers have numerous benefits. Unlike steel or metal covers, there is no need to worry about corrosion, weathering, or structural instability. Lightweight and easy to install our GRP tank covers are, long-lasting, durable, non-conductive, and need little or no maintenance. This makes them suitable for practically all industrial and commercial environments, indoor and outdoor.

Our Bespoke GRP Tank Cover range is manufactured using a high chemical resistant resin system and can span from 1m to 20m. They are individually designed and manufactured to customer specifications under ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification.

We fabricate, supply, deliver and install bespoke GRP tank covers worldwide. From design to installation, we believe in providing a genuine end-to-end service. Our GRP designers, technicians, and installation teams deliver entire projects from start to finish. All shapes and sizes of tank covers can be made to specific specifications to suit the application.

Relinea – Reliable, Resourceful

With one of the largest dedicated composite design teams in the sector combined with 18 years of experience in the manufacture of GRP moulded products we are best placed to provide truly innovative, sustainable solutions. Our highly skilled composite fabrication teams use the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver peerless results reducing the on-site adjustment time of GRP tank covers and fabricated structures.

Give us a call today on 028 9447 0010 or email us at with your project specification to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation and proposal.

How can GRP Tank Covers perform better than Steel Tank Covers?

Steel can corrode and will deform easily under impact.  Tank Covers manufactured from steel are very susceptible to chemical attack in the highly corrosive environment found underneath an odour control tank cover within a Waste Water Treatment Plant. In addition, if hit by a heavy object steel may be subject to permanent deformation and may need to be replaced.

GRP Tank Covers are highly resistant to corrosion due to the use of high grade resins that are suitable for the environment that the cover will be exposed to.  This ensures that the Tank Structure remains structurally sound throughout its life and avoids unobserved corrosion to the underside of the cover that can potentially cause contamination from rust.

GRP performs exceptionally well under impact and would in many instances avoid the need for replacement. However, it the damage is considerable GRP the tank panels can be easily repaired in site.

How do GRP Tank Covers perform against chemicals?

On Waste Water Treatment & Sewage Treatment Plants chemical attack is a genuine concern and can cause significant damage to the plant and equipment.  Where Odour Control Tank Covers are required, such as Over Sludge and Treatment Tanks, the environment can be chemically aggressive resulting from the damp conditions and attack from Hydrogen Sulphide (NH2S), both of which can have a serious effect on steel.

The Solution

Relinea can offer a range of resins that are specifically selected to fit the chemical environment the product is being exposed to.  This combined with excellent design ensures that we will deliver a tank cover that is structurally strong throughout its life cycle and further avoid unobserved corrosion to the underside of the tank cover that can potentially cause cover failure.

Key Benefits of GRP Tank Covers

Chemical Resistant


Maintenance Free

High Structural Strength


Bespoke Design

Re-Grab Ladder System

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