GRP Structural Profiles

Relinea’s GRP Re-Struct Pultruded Profiles are outperforming steel, aluminium, and timber for applications such as Walkways, Maintenance Platforms, and Modular Ladders & Handrails.

With Structural Profiles it pays to think differently. Relinea’s Re-Struct GRP Profiles combine:

  • Ultra lightweight with extreme strength
  • Corrosion resistance with stability and stiffness
  • Maintenance-free service with thermal/electric non-conductivity

All delivered at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel and other expensive alloys.

Re-Struct GRP Structural Profiles are 80% lighter than steel but offer equivalent strength. Ultimately this has a huge impact on the installation, as the GRP Profiles can be handled with no requirement for heavy lifting gear.  In addition, the lightweight nature of the product enables structures to be built and installed in areas where weight is critical.

Furthermore, Re-Struct GRP Profiles have a very low thermal conductivity – they are 1/250th of aluminium, and 1/60th of steel.

Suitable for industrial and commercial environments, structural profiles are typically used to make structures for safe user access or for load-bearing support such as stairways, walkways and platforms. Our extensive range of profiles means that we have something to suit most projects. As with all our GRP products, our production team can fabricate GRP pultruded profiles to suit your specific requirements.

Relinea – Reliable, Resourceful

We innovate, design, and fabricate advanced technical GRP structural components that are lightweight, cost-effective, durable, and corrosion resistant. With a revolutionary approach that uses intelligent GRP design and innovative composite manufacturing to challenge the conventions of construction, we work with our clients to find unique, long-lasting, sustainable solutions. From GRP design to installation, we are a specialist, one-stop resource.

Give us a call today on 028 9447 0010 or email us at with your project specification to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation and proposal.

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The Re-Struct Pultruded Profile range includes:

  • GRP Angle
  • GRP Channel
  • GRP Wide Flange Beam & I Beam
  • GRP Box Section
  • GRP Round Tube
  • GRP Round Rod

Other GRP Structural Profiles are available on request, and custom profiles can be created. All profiles can be supplied in complete lengths or cut to specific sizes by our fabrication team.

Key Benefits

High Strength to Weight Ratio


Low Thermal Conductivity

Corrosion Resistance

GRP Structural Profiles Are Perfect For:

GRP Structural Profiles Are Perfect For:

Re-Grip ULTRA Stair Tread Covers​

Re-Grip ULTRA Stair Tread Covers are the perfect solution for creating a high slip resistant and safe working environment or public access stairway, even in wet, oily, or icy conditions.

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