Talla Reservoir

At a Glance

The Edinburgh and District Water Trust (EDWT) identified the area around the loch at Talla in the hills above Tweedsmuir in the Scottish Borders as an ideal site for a new reservoir to supply the increasing water demands of the expanding city of Edinburgh, 28 miles to the north. The Reservoir covers is over 300 acres in size. The chamber insures The River Tweed is feed with water from the reservoir.
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George Leslie


The site was over located over 200 metres and downhill from the nearest roadway making access difficult, this required a lightweight material, so it could be manhandled from the roadway to the site. In addition to the access issues, the existing brick-built chamber had uneven walls and with accurate site measures proving difficult, the contractor required a material which was flexible enough to be cut onsite but would also stand up to the conditions.


Due to the limitations of access to the site, the lightweight properties of the GRP frame and grating made it the ideal material for this project. The Open Mesh grating allowed for rainwater to fall through , reducing the amount of standing water and improving safety. The integral anti-slip grit finish also adds to the improved safety for Scottish Water operatives.

The corrosion resistant properties of GRP made it ideal for this project as the chambers constantly fill with water when in use meaning that the GRP ladders are submersed under water. Using GRP in applications such as this reduces maintenance costs and also increases the lifecycle of the application. The installation of the chamber covers was carried out by the highly experienced install team at Relinea. Relinea supplied slightly larger structural profiles so that the team could fabricate onsite to meet the changing measurements within the chamber.

The install team assembled these into a structural frame to facilitate the 38x38mm open mesh chamber covers. The team also formed 5 access panels in the chamber covers so that maintenace could be carried out if and when required.

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