Coopers Cross, Dublin, Rooftop Access Solutions

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Relinea, working for John Sisk & Son Ltd, has completed the installation of GRP rooftop access solutions at Coopers Cross in Dublin. Coopers Cross, a major redevelopment project by Kennedy Wilson, spans 5.9 acres, contributing to the regeneration of Dublin’s Docklands. The development aims to create a vibrant urban quarter, attracting top office occupiers, retailers, and residents. The office buildings are designed for maximum efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability, targeting certifications such as NZEB, LEED Platinum, BREEAM Outstanding, and WELL Platinum. Relinea’s use of high-quality GRP ensures durable, low-maintenance platforms and handrails, offering safe and easy access for maintenance personnel.
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John Sisk & Sons Ltd


The rooftop was extremely crowded with pipes, ducting, wires, and HVAC units. An intricate design had to be put in place to allow safe access up and over in places, with platforms in others. The need for a durable, long-lasting solution was critical. Additionally, the development’s commitment to sustainability and high certification standards required materials that aligned with energy-efficient and eco-friendly principles. Safety near electrical installations, weather resistance, and minimal maintenance were key considerations in selecting a suitable material for the rooftop access solutions.


At Relinea, our commitment to providing a comprehensive end-to-end service is unwavering. Our design team is dedicated to delivering cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, our designs are not only innovative but also prioritise cost-effectiveness, safety, and sustainability.


After carrying out a thorough site survey, using state-of-the-art software, our highly skilled team created virtual prototypes and produced detailed 3D renders for client approval. This streamlined process significantly reduces the time from concept to production, ultimately saving the client both time and money.


The high-quality GRP material used for the platforms and handrails ensured durability and long-lasting performance, meeting the demands of a major development project. The lightweight nature of GRP facilitated easy transport, handling, and reduced structural load, making it an ideal choice near electrical installations due to its non-conductive properties.


The UV-stable and weather-resistant qualities of GRP platforms and handrails eliminated concerns about chipping, peeling, or flaking, ensuring zero maintenance requirements. The anti-slip and impact-resistant characteristics of GRP contributed to the safety of maintenance personnel accessing the rooftop. With a design life of 50+ years, GRP emerged as the future material choice for energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable solutions.


The successful completion of this project showcased the exceptional craftsmanship of Relinea’s team, providing safe and easy rooftop access for maintenance personnel. The use of GRP aligned with the project‘s sustainability goals, offering a robust and durable solution that enhances the overall efficiency and safety of the development.

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