Benefits of GRP

Maintenance free, corrosion and impact resistant, our GRP products have considerably low life cycle costs compared to traditional materials. Experience cost savings and faster project timelines with our lightweight, easy-to-install GRP products. 

The long-term cost saving benefits of GRP

Long-term cost savings

Maintenance free, corrosion and impact resistant, our GRP products have considerably low life cycle costs compared to traditional materials. Plus, they hold zero theft value.

Corrosion Resistant

Even in highly aggressive areas, Relinea’s GRP Products offer excellent corrosive resistance.

Maintenance Free

No replacing, re-painting or repairing.

Extended Life Cycle

A life span of 50 years with little or no maintenance expenditure means life cycle cost is vastly reduced.

The safety benefits of GRP

Fire Retardant

Our products can be manufactured to meet specific fire and self-extinguishing requirements. Our Phenolic products meet stringent fire-resistant classifications for the Oil & Gas industry and our plate products can be manufactured with a Class 1 laminate to BS 456.

Slip Resistance

35% of all major injuries at work are caused by slips or trips. Our integral grit finish offers the world’s highest slip resistance for a walk-on surface.


Due to their non-conductive nature our products do not have to be earthed.


GRP is ideal for installations where there’s a risk of sparking from a tool dropping onto steel grating.


Our fibreglass products are electronically transparent and do not affect electromagnetic or radio wave frequencies.

The practical benefits of GRP


GRP products are up to 80% lighter than steel, minimising the risks involved with manual handling and reducing installation costs by removing the requirement for heavy lifting gear.

High Strength

Our products have exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.

Ease Of Fabrication

All our products can be easily fabricated using standard hand tools, even on-site if required, without affecting the products’ corrosion resistance characteristics.

Low Installation Costs

It’s a simple formula: Lightweight + Easy Fabrication = Low Installation Cost.

Impact Resistance

The elasticity of our GRP products means that they suffer no damage from a heavy impact.

Purpose-driven GRP product design & fabrication

Our GRP innovation challenges construction conventions.

Innovation with purpose.

Our innovative approach to GRP design and fabrication reduces cost and makes installation easier.

Collaborative solutions.

We work with clients to find unique, long-lasting composite solutions.

Use our GRP experience to solve your problems.

15 years GRP experience delivers lighter, lower maintenance alternatives to steel.

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