GRP Data Centre Solutions

Relinea has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge within the data centre sector, working in partnership with the most prominent data centre organisations across the globe. Our inclusive range of expertise allows us to design, manufacture and install your GRP Data Centre solution.

While Data Centres are fundamentally industrial buildings, they are highly functional, and the design requirements are constantly changing. A modern computer room, server room, or data centre requires different properties to handle a huge number of data cables, the ability to efficiently handle high heat loads and the ability to adapt to future technological and cooling advancements.

In January 2021 the European Data Centre Association launched a self-regulatory initiative called ‘The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact’ designed to support the EU’s climate-neutral goal by 2030 by increasing data centre sustainability. Now more than ever, data centres are under increasing pressure to become more efficient and sustainable. We can help with sustainable GRP solutions.

From project conception through to final completion, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions. Our skilled team are here to fully support architects, engineers, and contractors at every stage of the process by helping them understand which GRP products are most suitable for their required application.

Key Benefits of GRP Products:

  • Non-conductive – as GRP products do not have to be earthed, they are ideal for use in live electrical situations
  • 75% lighter than steel – eliminating the need for heavy lifting gear and specialist equipment for installation
  • Low Carbon footprint – 75% less energy is needed to produce GRP than steel and 50% less energy is needed for transport and assembly
  • Anti-Corrosive – Even in highly aggressive areas, Relinea’s GRP Products offer excellent corrosive resistance
  • Slip Resistance – 35% of all major injuries at work are caused by slips or trips. Our integral grit finish offers the world’s highest slip resistance for a walk-on surface
  • Extended Life Cycle – A life span of 50 years with little or no maintenance expenditure means life cycle cost is vastly reduced

Download our Data Centre Solution brochure here: Relinea Data Centre Solutions Brochure

Relinea – Reliable, Resourceful

We innovate, design, and fabricate advanced technical GRP structural components to overcome weight, corrosion, and slip issues. With a revolutionary approach that uses intelligent GRP design and innovative composite manufacturing to challenge the conventions of construction, we work with our clients to find unique, long-lasting, sustainable solutions. From GRP design to installation, we are a specialist, one-stop resource.

Give us a call today on 028 9447 0010 or email us at with your project specification to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation and proposal. 

GRP Applications in Data Centre Construction:

GRP GIS Access Platforms

GRP Rooftop Access Platforms

GRP Internal Walkways

GRP Boundary Fencing

GRP Handrails

GRP Raised Access Flooring

Related Case Studies:

Rooftop Access

The client required us to design and build cost-effective, safe, non-conductive platforms to enable access to the air handling units which were in place on the roof. 

Rooftop Handrail

The new GRP handrails were to be installed onto the existing steel structure and water-proof parapet. The close proximity to the edge of the building also meant there were serious health and safety regulations that had to be adhered to throughout the installation.

Raised Access Flooring

The client required us to design, build and install a cost-effective raised access flooring system that could handle an 11.5kN load capacity – more than double the standard.

GIS Access Platform

The client required us to design and build a cost effective, safe, non-conductive platform to enable access to the substation switchgear.

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