GRP Trench Covers

Relinea’s GRP Trench Covers are a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to awkward and heavy steel or concrete covers. Our range of Composite trench covers which can be used in conjunction with our grp grating provides safe and secure access to pumps, cables and dry wells.

We can fabricate your Trench Covers to suit any existing layout, saving you valuable installation time on site. Due to the lightweight nature of our trench covers, they can be fitted by just one or two men, avoiding heavy lifting or the need for extra equipment. The lightweight design of the covers allows for easy access when routine inspections and repairs need to be carried out.

As with all our GRP products, our trench covers are incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion. They have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and a gritted anti-slip surface. The many advantages of our trench covers, such as the lightweight design, anti-slip surface, and non-conductive properties mean that they are widely used for a huge number of applications across numerous industries.  Trench Covers are commonly used in the Electricity sector (Duct Covers), Industrial sector (Walkways), Commercial sector (Gully Covers) and the Rail sector (Cable Protection Troughs).

All our trench covers come with the option of:

  • Spring assisted single person lift
  • Integral safety grid
  • Access ladders

Relinea’s GRP trench covers and access hatches conform to BS 124:1994 – Group A15.

Relinea – Reliable, Resourceful

We innovate, design, and fabricate advanced technical GRP structural components to overcome weight, corrosion, and slip issues. With a revolutionary approach that uses intelligent GRP design and innovative composite manufacturing to challenge the conventions of construction, we work with our clients to find unique, long-lasting, sustainable solutions. From GRP design to installation, we are a specialist, one-stop resource.

Give us a call today on 028 9447 0010 or email us at with your project specification to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation and proposal. 

Key Benefits of GRP Trench Covers

Light Weight


Anti-Slip – increased work safety

50+ Year Design Life

Why Choose Relinea GRP Trench Covers?

Our GRP innovation challenges construction conventions.


The lightweight design of our GRP covers allows for easy access.

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

Even in highly aggressive areas, Relinea’s GRP Products offer excellent corrosive resistance.

Anti - Slip

The embedded grit anti-slip surface helps to prevent accidents, even in wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

GRP trench covers are lightweight yet sturdy covers made from a composite material consisting of plastic reinforced with fine glass fibers. They are designed to securely cover trenches and openings in various environments.

GRP trench covers are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. They are also lightweight, making installation and maintenance easier. Additionally, they are non-conductive and can be customized to fit specific requirements.

GRP trench covers find applications in a wide range of settings, including industrial facilities, commercial areas, pedestrian walkways, and more. They are suitable for covering trenches and other openings to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

GRP trench covers are highly durable due to the combination of glass fibers and plastic resin. This composition makes them resistant to heavy loads, chemicals, and weather conditions, ensuring a longer service life compared to traditional materials.

Absolutely. GRP trench covers are designed with safety in mind. They offer a slip-resistant surface to prevent accidents, even in wet conditions. Additionally, they can be equipped with features like safety access ladders.

GRP trench covers are built to resist the effects of UV radiation, moisture, and extreme temperatures. They won’t corrode, warp, or degrade when exposed to the elements, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Yes, Relinea GRP trench covers are made to fit your specific size requirements and design preferences. We can work with you to create custom covers that meet your needs.

GRP Handrails

There is one area where the enhanced performance of the Re-Grab GRP Handrail and Ladder Systems can be measured quickly, easily and immediately…by a simple touch. The Re-Grab is warm to touch – an important factor to consider for Modular Handrails, Handrail Design Walkways and Ladders that are being used in outdoor contexts.

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