GRP Open Mesh Grating

Relinea GRP Open Mesh & Mini Mesh Grating is a versatile, durable, high-quality flooring and an excellent alternative to steel mesh grating. Engineered to excel in a wide range of applications, our innovative grating solutions combine strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility. It is the ideal choice for industries spanning from construction and rail to marine, offshore, industrial, and chemical.

Open Mesh Grating is designed to provide safe, robust GRP flooring access for pedestrians on industrial walkways, catwalks, and over channels. Our grating is manufactured using an embedded grit finish. This ensures that the anti-slip grit does not chip or peel away from the grating and does not compromise the slip resistance. The embedded grit finish provides a steadier grip underfoot in wet, icy, or greasy conditions making our GRP Grating panels ideal for wet, oily conditions or outdoor use.

Our GRP grating products are lightweight and easy to handle, making for a fast and simple installation. Re-Grid GRP Open Mesh Grating is 1/3rd the weight of equivalent steel grating. Due to the bi-directional strength of Re-Grid, end banding and additional support around pipe opes can be eliminated.  Furthermore, fabrication can be carried out on-site without affecting the corrosive resistance properties of our GRP grating. The grating can be manually handled into position and can be easily cut using standard hand power tools.

GRP grating generally exhibits good fire resistance properties. The specific fire resistance of GRP open mesh grating can vary depending on the composition and additives used in its manufacturing. Our grating can achieve Class 1 Fire Rating to BS476 part 7, EN 13501 and ASTM E84-19A. Our grating is flame retardant with a classification of BFL S1 in accordance with EN13501.

Open Mesh Grating Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Strength: Crafted from high-quality glass reinforced plastic, our open mesh grating boasts remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring structural integrity without adding unnecessary bulk. This allows for easy installation and reduced maintenance efforts.

  2. Corrosion Resistance: Say goodbye to worries about rust and deterioration. Our GRP grating is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor projects, even in corrosive or high-moisture environments.

  3. Enhanced Safety: The open mesh design provides exceptional slip resistance, promoting a safer working environment even in wet or oily conditions. Its anti-slip surface reduces the risk of accidents and ensures the well-being of employees and visitors.

  4. Low Conductivity: Unlike metal grating options, our open mesh grating is not electrical and thermal conductivity. This feature is especially advantageous in areas where electrical insulation is critical.

  5. Customisable Options: We understand that no two projects are the same. That’s why we work with you and access the correct grating for your particular needs.

  6. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Thanks to its lightweight composition, our GRP grating is easy to handle, transport, and install. Reduced weight also means lower installation costs. Additionally, its resistance to chemicals and UV exposure ensures minimal maintenance efforts and long-lasting performance.

  7. Eco-Friendly Choice: Sustainability is paramount in today’s world. GRP’s eco-friendly nature stems from its durability and low maintenance requirements, resulting in fewer replacements and less material waste over time.

Key Benefits of GRP Open Mesh Grating

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

Flame Retardant

Slip Resistant

Impact Resistant

Maintenance Free

Non Conductive

Ease of Installation


Access Platforms
Riser Void Protection
Step Overs
GRP access hatch
Access Hatches

Mini Mesh GRP Grating

We offer a series of Mini Mesh GRP Grating & Micro-Mesh Re-Grid products.

The Mini Mesh has been designed to prevent small objects from falling through the grating. This makes it an outstanding choice for pedestrian access ramps, catwalk grating, or walkways in industrial facilities and chemical plants. Mini Mesh GRP grating is also a common choice for Marinas and other outdoor facilities as the closer spacing allows for a smoother surface for small-wheeled prams and buggies, high-heeled shoes, and moving equipment.

Mini Mesh GRP Grating includes two mesh sizes: 25mm & 19mm. 

⭐Relinea Mini Mesh Grating is BS4592 20mm Ball Test and BS 767 1m footfall anti-slip compliant.⭐


Learn more about Relinea products by downloading one of our brochures:

Anti-slip GRP Open Mesh, GRP Solid Top Grating, and GRP Pultruded Grating Systems meet all Health & Safety requirements whilst being lightweight and maintenance-free. GRP Grating can be easily fabricated on-site meaning lower installation costs and fewer man-hours.

  • Re-Grid: GRP Open Mesh Grating – A high strength square mesh structure with bi-directional strength.
  • Re-Deck: GRP Solid Top Grating – A square mesh structure with 3mm thick integrally bonded plate cover
  • Re-Grate: GRP Pultruded Grating – A uni-directional high strength structure. Incorporates twice the stiffness of open mesh grating as it can span greater distances.

Relinea’s GRP Fibreglass Grating products are available in a range of resins, (including phenolic resin with extreme fire resistance) to meet specific environmental demands, including hazardous chemical applications. In addition, there is a range of surface finishes including meniscus, grit, and smooth to meet even the most stringent requirements in terms of slip resistance and ease of cleaning.

Why Choose Relinea GRP Open Mesh Grating?

Our GRP innovation challenges construction conventions.

Proven Anti - Slip

Our integral grit finish offers the world’s highest slip resistance for a walk-on surface.

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

Even in highly aggressive areas, Relinea’s GRP Products offer excellent corrosive resistance.

Extended Life Cycle

A life span of 50 years with little or no maintenance means life cycle cost is  reduced.

Reliable in the services and products we supply.
Resourceful in building better GRP solutions
that will last well into the future.

Re-Deck – Solid Top Grating

The Re-Deck GRP Covered Grating System is a moulded one piece GRP Fibreglass Grating Flooring Product that combines our GRP Re-Plate with our Re-Grid Open Mesh Grating. The resulting product is even stronger than our standard Re-Grid Open Mesh Flooring.

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