Data Centre Substation Raised Access Flooring, Drogheda

At a Glance

Relinea has extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge within the data center sector, working in partnership with the most prominent data center organisations across the globe. Collen Construction brought us on board this project to design, supply, and install raised access flooring in the Switch Room and Control Room. A modern computer room, server room, or data center requires different properties to handle a huge number of data cables, the ability to efficiently handle the high heat loads and the ability to adapt for future technological and cooling advancements. Our GRP raised access floor systems address all these needs and more.
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Collen Construction


The client required us to design, build and install a cost-effective raised access flooring system that could handle an 11.5kN load capacity – more than double the standard.

The high load capacity presented design challenges as we had to ensure the Switchgear could be moved in a safe manner with no stress to the flooring and structural profiles.

The flooring in both rooms had to be installed in a confined space.


Our GRP Structural Profiles and Re-Deck GRP Solid Top Grating provided a fantastic solution to the challenges of this project.

Relinea’s GRP Structural Profiles are 80% lighter than steel but offer equivalent strength. Ultimately this has a huge impact on the installation, as the GRP Profiles can be handled with no requirement for heavy lifting gear, and they are easy to manoeuvre by hand in small and confined spaces.

We used our RE-Deck GRP grating flooring system which combines our GRP Re-Plate with our Re-Grid Open Mesh Grating. The resulting product is even stronger than our standard Re-Grid Open Mesh Flooring, this meant that while it is lightweight and easy to install and when combined with our structural profiles it could handle the required load capacity.

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