GRP Anti-slip Solutions

Slip and trips are the most common cause of injury at work and in public areas. On average, they cause 40% of all reported major injuries.

Exceptional Anti-Slip Properties
Maintenance Free
DDA Compliant

GRP Anti-slip Products

Relinea’s Re-Grip ULTRA Stair Tread Covers have been designed for high footfall applications and harsh chemical environments.

The Re-Grip ULTRA Plate is a 4mm thick solid gritted plate system that can be retrofitted onto existing structures such as walkways, bridges and ramps.

Re-Grip ULTRA Stair Tread Covers are the perfect solution for creating a high slip resistant and safe working environment or public access stairway.

The Re-Grip ULTRA Stair Nosings are designed to create a Non-Slip High Visibility edge for steps, providing a safe environment.

Relinea’s Re-Grip ULTRA Ladder Rung Covers drastically improve Health & Safety when climbing ladders.

Our Re-Grip ULTRA Tactile Paving is designed to warn pedestrians who are blind or visually impaired of changes in elevations.

Re-Grip ULTRA Encapsulated Plywood is an extremely rigid GRP Coated WBP Plywood, incorporating a gritted top surface and edge.

GRP Anti-Slip Products Are Perfect For:

GRP Anti-Slip Products Are Perfect For:

We are proud to have built products for

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