Data Centre Rooftop Handrail, Paris

At a Glance

Our highly skilled international team has successfully delivered GRP data centre solutions for some of the world’s largest data centre companies. Our cutting-edge construction methods mean we consistently deliver highly complex and specialised turnkey services. Due to the rising costs of steel, we were brought onto this project to design, fabricate, and install an outdoor perimeter handrail system. Using the highest levels of safety, quality and delivery we successfully installed our GRP handrail into the existing steel structure and water-proof parapet.
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The new GRP handrails were to be installed onto the existing steel structure and water-proof parapet. The close proximity to the edge of the building also meant there were serious health and safety regulations that had to be adhered to throughout the installation.

Our client required the handrail to be continuous all around the walkway. Fully DDA compliant, we designed the handrail to be double-level. As it is in an outdoor context, it is warm to touch to avoid any freezing feel on a cold day and burning touch, particularly in the summer.

Due to the flexibility features that GRP products possess; these objectives were possible to achieve with the well thought out design developed.


Our in-house experience design team developed two very detailed 180m ergonomic continuous handrail systems at a 98m radius. The existing parapet wall covering proved quite challenging, as there were only small sections where we could bolt the raining to the wall.

Using our Re-grab handrail, we installed a further two 48m handrails along the perimeter edge of the building. These were successfully installed along the existing steel walkway by bolting a plate under the steel.

Relinea’s GRP Re-grab handrails outperform the conventional steel, aluminium, and wooden counterparts; it is low to maintain, low installation costs, corrosion resistant, and manufactured to BS EN ISO14122-3:20012 and BS5395-1-2010.

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