GRP Walkway, Data Centre, Drogheda

At a Glance

Our in-house team has exceptional in-depth knowledge within the data center sector, working in collaboration with the most prominent data center organisations across the globe. John Paul Construction brought us on board this project to design, supply, and install a lightweight, durable and sustainable internal walkway for a Data Centre in Drogheda.
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John Paul Construction


The installation of the GRP decking was a challenge as the external construction of the building was completed. The mezzanine flooring had to be installed in 2.4meter wide panels 17 meters above the ground in a confined space.

The loading area could only take a certain weight, so our design had to ensure that each section could be moved around easily and fabricated in a manner that facilitated a quick and easy installation.

Client aspirations included significant timesaving in both manufacturing, testing, and commissioning stages.


Our Re-Deck solid top GRP grating was the perfect product for this project. RE-Deck GRP grating is a moulded one-piece flooring system that combines our GRP Re-Plate with our Re-Grid Open Mesh Grating. The resulting product is even stronger than our standard Re-Grid Open Mesh Flooring.

Re-Deck Solid Grating can be up to half the weight of equivalent steel decking or concrete, this solved the weight problem. Our GRP Re-Deck allowed for easier handling and was light enough for the loading area capabilities. The GRP beams and 2.4 meter wide panels were easy to move around the confined space.

Site quality checks were conducted throughout to ensure exceptional design integrity. The GRP decking meets all Health & Safety requirements whilst being lightweight and maintenance-free. The ease of fabrication on site also meant fewer man hours and lower installation costs for the customer.

In particular, the client valued Relinea’s expertise which resulted in an appropriate, efficient, and economical solution.

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