Harvester House Rooftop Cladding

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Harvester House is a seven-storey office building for the National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Group. A planning application was submitted seeking the permission for the re-cladding of the building’s elevations with the purpose of counteracting recurring leaking concerns.Cloane Construction the main contractor of the project appointed Relinea to design, manufacture and install GRP cladding panels in bespoke Olive Yellow to the rooftop parapet of the 38,500ft2 building.
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Harvester House


A bespoke cladding structure was required that would match the existing profile of the parapet around the rooftop of the building that would provide a watertight system to prevent the persistent leaking of the roof whilst maintaining a visually attractive appearance.

Considering that the installation of the cladding was along the rooftop perimeter of the seven-storey high building, rope access was required to carry out the installation as the use of scaffolding was not practical. This would cause significant health and safety implications for site personnel.


Relinea provided the Architects, Wayne Storey Associates with comprehensive design and development support of the specified cladding system throughout the scope of the project.
By means of assessing the site area of the rooftop, Relinea developed a bespoke sealing system design that would facilitate the protection of the roof parapet and effectively seal the cladding panels to guarantee a water tight system.

Relinea designed the GRP cladding roof protection system to incorporate a sloping effect to the front of the panels and a stand out from the wall to avoid issues with rain water running down the front of the building and causing potential damage.

Bespoke tooling equipment was developed by Relinea to ensure that the cladding panels accurately matched the existing outlay of the rooftop of Harvester House. The cladding panels were manufactured using a high quality UV resistant resin system pigmented to bespoke olive yellow as per client request.

Considering that the use of scaffolding was not feasible, rope access was required to carry out the installation. Relinea instructed their fully qualified specialist team to set up support equipment onsite with the purpose of safely and securely installing the cladding panels along the parapet rooftop edge of the seven-storey high building.

The installation was a success and the watertight GRP cladding protection system performed effectively to the satisfaction of the client, whilst maintaining a visually attractive appearance.

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