Kinross Wastewater Treatment Work

At a Glance

Kinross Wastewater Treatment works is responsible for the treating of waste water throughout the Perth and Kinross Council area. The water treatment works are situated beside Loch Leven approximately 20 miles south of Perth.
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Kinross Wastewater Treatment Works


To supply an easily installed Ramp to side of treatment plant building.The challenge posed by this site was that there is a large amount of exposure to rain and wastewater which was causing corrosion issues throughout the site.

There were also Chemicals being held in the building so a material which could withstand any spillages whilst the chemicals were being transported in and out of the building.

The client also required a lightweight structure which could be moved if any issues arose with the services beneath the structure.


Relinea designed, fabricated and supplied a fully assembled light weight ramp to site which was to be fixed in to place by the client’s own site operatives. fixed in to place by customers own site operatives.

The corrosion resistant qualities of the GRP ramp means that it is up to the rigours of the environment it is situated in. Due to the corrosion resistant qualities of the ramp it means that there is little maintenance required to the ramp which reduces costs in both maintenance and labour costs.

Since GRP can be up to 80% lighter than steel, the structure could be moved if and when required with minimal lifting equipment.

The anti-slip finish on the ramp also added a safety feature to it which will help to reduce slip, trip and falls – potentially reducing accidents and lost working days for the operatives on site.

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