New Cross Gate Station

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As part of the £320 Million Overground Capacity Programme, New Cross Gate Railway Station, based in New Cross, London and operated by London Overground, is undergoing a major refurbishment to improve track lines, staircases and the interior and exterior design of the station.Relinea was appointed to supply replacement non-degradable railway dagger boards to surround the roof of the station’s platform, and that would further aesthetically replicate the former traditional dagger boards.
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London Overground & Network Rail


Railway station dagger boards are traditionally manufactured from timber; however a great deal of maintenance is required to preserve these timber boards. The repairing of timber dagger boards involves stripping the paint and subsequently repainting the boards in situ, whilst replacing damaged or degraded panels with new sections. This maintenance process is very time consuming, and can result in multiple requirements of possession access.

As part of the Overground Capacity Programme by London Overground and Network Rail, an alternative railway dagger board system was required to provide a more durable solution to the high maintenance timber boards. The aesthetic design of the new dagger board system was required to match the appearance of the original timber dagger boards to conserve the traditional look of the train station. The new dagger board design specification further required simple installation, whilst meeting a 50 year design life.


The client approached Relinea to provide an alternative system to the high maintenance timber dagger boards. Relinea proposed the GRP Re-Clad System that delivers a cost effective and durable alternative to the time consuming repairing and re-painting of the original timber boards.

Re-Clad panels were manufactured in adjoining board sections and designed to emulate the appearance of the existing timber dagger boards. The Re-Clad panels incorporated a timber wood grain effect design with V grooves that represent the former individual timber boards. Decorative architectural cut outs were further integrated to furnish the dagger boards with their distinctive railway station platform appearance.

The Re-Clad system is manufactured using GRP, a non-corrosive and highly durable material, hence successfully meeting the stringent 50 year design life obligation as specified by London Overground and Network Rail. The Re-Clad system was easily installed and manually handled by two men, which dramatically reduced the scope of labour required onsite and possession access time of the project.

Installation costs were significantly reduced and London Overground and Network Rail were presented with a highly durable, low maintenance and low life cycle cost dagger board system.

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