Old Stone Railway Bridge, Scotland

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A scheme to deliver 40 high-quality affordable homes at Banklands near Fife, was awarded by Kingdom Housing Association to Robertson Partnership Homes, part of the Robertson Residential Group. To secure planning permission for the development, the developers had to implement several road safety improvements including extending the parapet height of a nearby railway bridge to make it safe for pedestrians. Robertson Homes approached Relinea, to supply and install a parapet extension, due to our extensive experience and ability to provide innovative GRP solutions.
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Robertson Homes


The Old Stone Railway bridge was too low to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Rebuilding the wall section was not practical, so an extension piece was considered to be the most cost-effective solution.

The site posed several challenges that had to be considered as part of the design solution; the bridge is on a curve and the parapet extension had to follow the curve of the bridge.

The coper at the top was wider than the main body of the bridge and there were concerns about the structural stability of the coper. The bridge crossed a working railway line, and a solution was required that could be easily installed with minimal possession time.


Relinea parapet extension system is manufactured in GRP and uses an innovative internal core material to provide rigidity throughout the whole profile which can withstand heavy impact but still offers a very lightweight easily installed solution.
In order to provide an extension piece that would follow the curve of the bridge, we carried out a full survey and produced new tooling to suit the curve.

As the coper section could not support the extension piece and was wider than the main bridge body, our design team developed a solution that solved both these issues by developing a skirt that covered the full bridge.
Relinea’s solution was also easily installed in a

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