Silwood Train Depot

At a Glance

Silwood Sidings Depot is located near to the New Cross Gate Station in East London; it is used to store trains overnight when they are not in service.The trains leave in the morning before service and return in the evening after service has ceased to keep disruption to a minimum.
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Silwood Sidings Depot


Although there is no maintenance or washing of the trains at Silwood; there is track maintenance tools and machinery stored on site. Therefore there is a presence of corrosive and slippery chemicals present.

Due to the access issues in the sidings, the client required raised access walkways throughout to provide safe passage for employees working on site.

The walkways were outdoors and were subject to the elements; with the train depot being extremely busy, downtime was not an option and therefore a durable, maintenance free option was required.


Relinea designed, fabricated and supplied 60 metres of GRP raised access walkways with integrated handrail system. Due to the high levels of slip hazards, Relinea’s integral grit walkway system provided the ideal solution to prevent accidents and improve worker safety.

The corrosion resistant properties of the Re-GRID walkway system mean that the corrosiveness of the chemicals present will not cause destruction to the structural integrity of the walkways.

Our GRP Walkway System provided a maintenance free solution reducing downtime and presenting long term cost savings.

Relinea’s GRP products provide a 50 year design life, exceeding the performance of traditional materials such as timber and steel.

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