Why use GRP Grating rather than Steel Grating for Industrial Flooring?

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In terms of strength, steel is a worthy material for the use of floor grating in an industrial setting, however in terms of durability, impact resistance, slip resistance and high strength GRP (glass reinforced plastic) floor grating is by far the leader for industrial floor grating.


GRP floor grating is non-corrosive even in highly aggressive environments, meaning that it will not rust or suffer from wear and tear, therefore requiring little maintenance. The structural integrity of GRP grating means that it will not deform under impact ie. if a heavy object landed on the GRP grating, it would quite literally bounce off it causing no damage. On the other hand, if steel grating was in place permanent deformation would be caused in the grating under heavy impact.


The high strength-to-weight ratio of GRP allows for ease of installation due to its light weight properties (approx. 80% lighter than steel), whilst still possessing superior strength characteristics. Conversely steel grating holds fantastic strength qualities, but unlike GRP is extremely heavy weight causing the need for heavy lifting gear during installation.


35% of all major injures within the workplace are caused by slips or trips. Consequently, the health & safety of personnel is a crucial issue within industrial settings. Unfortunately steel grating possesses a smooth top finish, signifying that if the grating is wet or oily it can potentially cause a hazardous fall. GRP floor grating on the other hand possesses exceptional anti-slip qualities with its integral grit finish, meaning that it can eliminate costly injuries, and provide added health and safety value to the work environment.


Initially steel grating is less costly than GRP, however in terms of lifecycle cost GRP grating wins hands down. GRP is non-corrosive meaning little or no maintenance is required, and carries a 50 year design life.

The evidence speaks for itself. GRP floor grating 1 – Steel floor grating 0.

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