GRP Access Platform for Finglas ESB Electrical Substation

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Relinea, the approved GRP suppliers for ESB, provided KN Networks with a bespoke up & over GRP platform for Finglas ESB Electrical Substation in County Dublin.

The GRP up & over platform was ideal for the ESB substation since GRP is non-conductivenon-sparking and maintenance free. The lightweight characteristics of GRP (1/3 the weight of steel) meant that the platform was easily installed in less time than a heavy weight steel platform.

Relinea’s GRP Access Platforms are custom made to client specification under BS EN ISO14122-3:2001 and BS5395-1-2010.

GRP Access Platforms deliver:

  • Ultra lightweight with extreme strength
  • Corrosion resistance with stability and stiffness
  • Maintenance-free service
  • Thermal/electrical non-conductivity (avoiding the need for earthing)
  • Low installation costs

Please visit the Relinea GRP Access Platforms page for further information

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