Opening of the New €30 Million Expansion of Leixlip Water Treatment Plant

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Relinea, the pedestrian access equipment sub-contractors of the €30 million plant expansion scheme were invited to the opening of the new stand-alone Leixlip Water Treatment Plant in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

The Leixlip Plant is the second largest water treatment plant in Ireland and supplies approximately 30 per cent of the Dublin Region’s drinking water requirements, supplying North Dublin City and County as well as parts of South County Dublin and Kildare.

Fingal County Council recognised that additional capacity at the Leixlip Plant was required to meet the current water demand of the catchment area, whilst providing further space for future development needs.

SIAC Construction was the main contractor for the expansion scheme of the new stand-alone €30 million water treatment plant. Relinea was awarded the sub-contract to design, fabricate and install glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pedestrian access equipment and bespoke moulded enclosures within the new water treatment facility.

GRP was specified over stainless steel for the pedestrian access and bespoke moulding equipment within the plant expansion as it proved to be a more cost effective alternative whilst meeting the high aesthetic standards of the new plant.

5M high tank access platforms with integrated safety cage ladders (as pictured) were designed and installed by Relinea within the Sodium Hypochlorite Tank room of the new plant. GRP was an advantageous material to use for the platform within this highly corrosive room due to its chemical resistant characteristics.

Relinea supplied and installed GRP RE-GRID open mesh floor grating throughout the general walkway areas of the water treatment plant including the Sodium Hypochlorite Tank room, the Filter Gallery, the MCC Control room and the Flash Mixer areas. The high slip resistant properties of our RE-GRID open mesh flooring has provided added safety value within the plant and has minimised the risk of slips and trips.

Other equipment designed and installed by Relinea within the new Leixlip water treatment plant included the GRP one man solo lift gas assisted access hatches with full fall arrest, GRP safety RE-GRAB handrail, GRP bespoke moulded spill containment cabinets (as pictured), and GRP bespoke moulded kiosks for electrical storage.

The project was a success and Relinea carried out the work efficiently and to a very high standard to the satisfaction of the client.

Read the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant Case Study for full information.

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