What is the difference in quality between an Embedded Grit & an Applied Grit finish for GRP Grating?

The manufacturing method employed to provide the anti-slip gritted finish of GRP floor grating can have a huge impact on the durability, slip resistance and overall quality of the product.

Embedded Grit vs Applied Grit Manufacturing

The Embedded Grit finish method refers to embedding the anti-slip grit to the top surface of the grating during the manufacturing process. This allows the grit to form an integral bond to the surface of the grating.

This means that the embedded gritted surface of the fibreglass grating will not chip or erode ensuring that the high slip resistance performance of the grating is not compromised.

Conversely, the Applied Grit finish (a low quality and cheap method more commonly used by some GRP grating companies) requires applying the anti-slip grit to the top surface of the grating at the final stages of the manufacturing process.

This applied method means that the anti-slip grit cannot integrally bond to the grating, causing the grit to chip and peel away over time, leaving a less than satisfactory slip resistant surface and a very poor quality product.

Relinea ascertains that our Re-GridRe-Deck Re-Grate GRP Grating product range employs a high quality Embedded Grit finish manufacturing system.

This is a certification that our clients will receive a high quality slip resistant product that is durablerobust and delivers low life cycle costs.

Relinea puts quality first.

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