GRP Riser Flooring, EXO Building, Dublin, Ireland.

At a Glance

The EXO Building, at 73 meters high and 17 stories is Dublin’s tallest office block. The main contractor on this €70 million project was Bennetts Construction. Bennetts’ appointed Relinea to design and supply GRP RiserGuard, an innovative GRP riser void flooring system that offers significant health and safety benefits and reduces the costs associated with the installation of M&E equipment.
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Bennett Construction


The Exo Buildings’ construction consisted of a steel portal with Comflor composite panels and a concrete top screed. To avoid the need for edge protection, Bennett’s wanted the installation of Relinea’s RiserGuard GRP Riser Flooring to coincide with the installation of the Comflor decking as it progressed up the building.

The RiserGuard system had to be installed prior to the screed but the grating level had to be flush with the final floor level. Our in-house design department worked alongside the client’s design team to develop a bespoke connection.

Bennetts’ also wanted to fully integrate the GRP floor and support layout with the M&E equipment being installed into the riser voids. RiserGuard’s full system has the added benefit of providing a safe working platform for the M&E teams to complete their installation by incorporating lift-out panels that match the riser layout avoiding the need for remedial fabrication on site.


RiserGuard GRP Riser Flooring can be installed early in the construction programme and avoids the need for the provision of costly and potentially hazardous barriers and edge protection.

Once installed, the RiserGuard system can be easily altered if changes have to be made due to updates on the M&E layout, which is a huge advantage over steel. Even in situations where the M&E layout is not finalised it is cost-effective to incorporate as much of the riser layout as possible in the early stages as this will avoid the need for multiple visits. There is also the added advantage of reducing the costs of the installation of M&E and the need for access equipment.

Having the riser void floored at an early stage, eliminates the need for expensive temporary flooring and provides a safe working surface for the mechanical and electrical installers.

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