Moveable Access Platform

At a Glance

Coffey approached us to design and fabricate a platform that could be used for accessing the kiosks at the Saggart Reservoir Water Treatment Plant. Working on behalf of Irish Water, the project involves the construction of a 100 million litres covered treated water reservoir to store water supplied from Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant, a new electro-chlorination plant and associated infrastructure. Once complete, the new reservoir will improve the security of drinking water supply to the Greater Dublin Area and enhance future growth and development in the region.
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Coffey needed us to design and build a safe, easily moved, multi-height platform that could be manoeuvred from kiosk to kiosk. The platform had to be raised for chemical dosing and accessible on either side. Due to the gravel terrain, it had to be stable, robust, and easy to move.


Our Moveable GRP Access Platform provided the perfect working solution to all the challenges of this project. Steel would have been far too heavy for a moveable platform, and aluminium would not be robust enough. Ultra lightweight and with extreme strength, our GRP access platforms are corrosion and chemical resistant and require little to no maintenance. This makes them suitable for practically all industrial and commercial environments, indoor and outdoor.


Manufactured using our Re-grid open mesh grating and GRP structural profiles, the platform and stairs are on large lockable castors. The size of the castors means the platform will be easily moved over gravel, and the locking mechanism ensures safety and stability. The chains on either side ensure easy access on both sides and the height of the platform can be easily adjusted.


Relinea’s GRP access platforms are maintenance free which reduces the long-term costs of the system whilst providing peace of mind that the product is fit for purpose for the next 50+years.


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