Oracle B Building Rooftop Access

At a Glance

Burlington Engineering, subcontracted GRP specialists Relinea to supply and install Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products for an office block in Dublin. Due to a large amount of ducting and cables being located on the roof, a raised access walkway was required to ensure safe access and prevent damage to the equipment.
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Burlington Engineering


The roof area was heavily congested with ducting and cables that were are different levels. The customer required a walkway over the whole roof but the level of the walkway varied depending on the area, also the equipment tended to be at a higher level than the access points onto the roof. Both these issues resulted in a number of steps having to be incorporated into the planned layout.

As the area was very congested with equipment this limited the options for a support system.

A lightweight product was required in manageable sections as panels would have to be lifted for maintenance purposes. In addition due to the complexity of the layout material was required that could be cut on site.


Due to the ductwork being at different levels and the roof surface varying slightly, Relinea’s adjustable pedestal system was used to ensure the walkway was level. This created a strong system that could be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of the installation. Our pedestals came in a variety of height ranges and this allowed the installation team to create steps as required to meet the varying height requirements.

The fabrication benefits of GRP allowed 100% of it to be cut onsite to suit the job due to the complexity of the ductwork layout. This gave a clean integrated finish to the flooring which would have been nearly impossible with steel due to heavy lifting and fabrication issues. The open mesh grating was secured using c-clips which allowed for the grating to be easily lifted for maintenance on the equipment below.

Our Re-Grip Stair Tread Covers were used to give a high visibility edging to highlight changes in elevation. The Re-Grip Stair Tread Covers provided added safety due to the high level anti-slip surface to help to avoid slips and trips in adverse conditions.

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